Chaotica - Attack Formation

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Feel the heat, Love the show, Energy of audio. Slam

your fist, Bang your head, Feel the bass until you're

dead. Rush the stage, Shout out loud, Mosh and push

and ride the crowd. Ears go "RING" Heart goes "POUND"

Stomp your feet Into the ground. Lights explode,

Speakers crash, Dance to my industro-thrash. Had

enough? No not yet! I pound on my guitar fret. Jump up

high, Fall down hard, After we're done you'll be

scared. Grab the bar, Hold on tight, Don't give up

without a fight! Blood and sweat on my brow, Shut up!

You're in my world now. Formation to attack, I look

like Jesus Christ on crack. So much heat, So much

pain, Million watts aimed at your brain. Pump it up,

Louder still, Power of decibels kill. Cannot breathe,

No more room, Feel the bass sub-woofer boom. Sweat

will spray, Blood will fly, Survive this or you will


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