The Truth King Koopa a.k.a the Chamillinater, started off in Screwston, Tx (houston, tx) in the late 1990s dropping many freestyle albums and mixtapes. The mixtapes were made for the nawf side of H-town and were backed by the Swishahouse and Michael "5000" Watts. The southside had Screw (R.I.P.) and the rest of the S.U.C. During the late 1990s you might have heard Chamillionaire on plenty of tracks with other Houston recording artists Paul Wall, as well as other artist from the old Color Changin Click (including, 50/50 Twin, Lew Hawk, Yung Ro), and such artist from the Swishahouse crew as well (Big Tiger, Slim Thugg, Mista Masta Archie Lee, etc.). Chamillionaire also wrecked with other crew and artist from the southside like Lil FLip, Lil Keke, E.S.G., and some artist from the Wreckshop Records label and the well known Port Arthur rappers UGK. Upon releasing mixtape after mixtape on the underground scene, Chamillionaire teamed up with record label Paid In Full dropping his most known full length album ever entitled 'Get Your Mind Correct' with Paul Wall. This album sold tons and tons of copies over the time after its release and was very succesful with no major label backing it. This album can now be found in stores nation wide and is still selling copies. Chamillionaire promoted this album himself spending his own money to market this album, money he made from other mixtapes before and after the album. Now there is a huge contreversy between Chamillionaire and Paid in Full (paid in partial records) because they have with held money from Chamillionaire from the 'Get Your Mind Correct' album. Money that was guarnteed to Chamill by contract upon pre-release of the album. Chamillionaire went on to continue making mixtapes and even dropping his greates hits album. The mixtapes after that started into his beef with who Mike Jones on the 3 disc 'Mixtape Messiah' underground mixtape compillation. Chamillionaire then went to release 'The Truth' a mixtape with DJ Whookid followed by the album 'Chamilitary'. The albums 'The Truth' and 'Chamilitary' were underground albums were Chaillionaire really shows his rhyming abilities and proves he is the "Truest To Do It" by switching up his major debut, under Universal Records, from 'Contreversy Sells' to "The Sound of Revenge'. He switched the album title due to the contreversy with Paid in Partial records when that label thought they could be sneaky and released a compilation entitled 'Contreversy Sells' featuring Chamillionaire and Paul Wall, but had songs by mostly Chamillionaire. This album released by Paid in Partial records was vocals pasted over beats from Chamillionaire (vocals that you can hear from the 'Mixtape Messiah', and other mixtapes that were released before 'Contreversy Sells' was released). So in other don't be fooled by this company Paid in Full records, 'Contreversy Sells', is not a Chamillionaire production don't buy it. Instead purchase 'Chamilitary' or other lps listed below. Chamillionaire blew up upon his signing of himself along with his label Chamilitary to Universal Records. His Chamilitary record label includes artist such as, 50/50 twin and his brother Rasaq (boy). In fall 2005 the long awaited 'The Sound of Revenge' lp was finally released as another Houston artist hits the rap scene in a major way with the album backed by Universal Records with radio play as well as video play. The video entitled "turn it up", has been and still is on MTV and BET. Go to to vote for it. 'The Sound of Revenge' screwed and chopped will be released by mister chopped not slopped himself, OG RON C. and is dropping on Feb. 7th. 2k6. Pick that one up too.

Check out the Discography:
Sound of Revenge- Gold status
The Truth- 2 disc set-exclusive cham mixtape
Houston we have a problem-mixtape
Man on Fire- mixtape- 2 disc set includes
Tippin Down 2k5
The Army- Color Changin Click Mixtape
Greatest Hits- 2 disc set over 65 flows
Get Your mind Correct- debut album
Swisha house mixes are tough to find such as:
the Waterboys etc. Go to Houston if you want these
"Screwed Up Records and Tapes" the best for your Texas and southern mixtapes and compilations. R.I.P. Screw/Robert Davis