Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder - The Homes Of Donegal

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I just dropped in to see you all <br>

I'll only stay awhile <br>

I want to hear how you're getting on <br>

I want to see you smile <br>

I'm happy to be back again <br>

And greet you big and small <br>

For there's no place else on this earth quite like <br>

The homes of Donegal <br>


I long to see your smiling children <br>

Standing by the door <br>

The kettle boiling on the hearth <br>

As I walked up the floor <br>

And then to see a waiting for me <br>

Travellers one and all <br>

For your heart's alive in your mountain size <br>

In the homes of Donegal <br>


I like to lie, lie along with you <br>

While away at night <br>

With fairy lore and tales of yore <br>

Beside the surf fire bright <br>

And then to see laid out for me <br>

A shake-down by the wall <br>

For there's rest for weary wanderers <br>

In the homes of Donegal <br>


Donegal, queen of all <br>

Donegal, queen of all<br>



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