Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder - Look At Me

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Damian: Look at me- I'm cool, and I'm charmingDebonair and disarming- That's me to a TTake a look at meDon't need no fandango- I've got all of the angles, Just look at me! Damian: Look at meI ain't no beginner, A natural winner-That's me to a TTake a look at meI can sing a Capella-I'm a hell of a fella, Just look at me! Keith: you know nothing at all about ladies, Let me give you a piece of advice.You're heading for nothing but trouble- You'll be paying a hell of a price.'Cos you think you're a bit of a killerThat the ladies will fall at your feet-Ha! They could eat you for supperAnd spit you right out on the streetDamian: Look at meYour resistance will crumble- get ready to rumble.One, two, three! Take a look at meI'm as fit as a fiddle, So let's hide it a littleJust you and me! Keith: It's a very bad time to be cocky-When you're out there on the pull.Hold your horse like a jockeyAnd don't rush in like a bull! You have to be patient with ladiesAnd tell them what they want to hear.Keep a steady aim on your target, Don't shoot like a young pistoleer! Damian: look at meI ain't no beginnerA natural winner- That's me to a T! Take a look at meI can sing a CapellaI'm a hell of a fella-Just look at me! Keith: take a good look at yourselfFor goodness sake-All the ladies are laughing-Ask yourself whyTake a good look at yourselfAnd you will seeA natural loser, Take it from me! Both sing their last parts at the same time

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