Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder - Green Fields Of France

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Well how do you do, young Willy McBride, <br />Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside, <br />And rest for a while 'neath the warm summer sun, <br />I've been walking all day and I'm nearly done. <br /> <br />I see by your gravestone you were only 19, <br />You joined the great fallin' in 1916. <br />Well I hope you died quick, and I hope you died clean. <br />Willy McBride, was it slow and obscene? <br /> <br />[Chorus:] <br />Did they beat the drums slowly, <br />Did they play the fife lowly? <br />Did they sound a death march as they lowered you down? <br />Did the band play the last post and chorus? <br />Did the pipes play the flowers of the forest? <br /> <br />Did you leave a wife or a sweetheart behind, <br />In some faithful heart, is your memory in shrine? <br />And though you died back in 1916, <br />In that faithful heart, you're forever 19. <br /> <br />Or are you a stranger without even a name, <br />Enclosed forever behind a glass pane. <br />In an old photograph, torn and battered and stained, <br />And faded to yellow in a brown yellow frame. <br /> <br />[Chorus] <br /> <br />Now Willy McBride, I can't help wondering why <br />Do those who lie here know why they died. <br />Did they really believe when they answered the cause, <br />Did they really believe that this war would end wars? <br /> <br />But the sorrow, the sufferin', the glory, the pain <br />The killing and dying were all done in vain. <br />But, Willy McBride, it all happened again, and again, and again, and again, and again. <br /> <br />[Chorus] <br /> <br />Did the pipes play the flowers of the forest?<br /><br />

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