Carole King

Carole King - You've Been Around Too Long

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Ooh, I hear you say attitudes and times have changed

And I know the feeling--it's long overdue

You say this is a time to right old wrongs

Tell me now, if it's true

You got the mind, you got the time

How long are you gonna wait to do what you want to do now

You've been around too long

Not to notice what's going on in town

You've got to understand

I'm taking my life in my own hands

And gaining ground--look around

Peace of mind

You got yours--I want mine

If you really want to do right by me

See what you want to see

But let me be what I want to be

'Cause you've been around too long

Not to realize what's going on inside

I'm just like you

I'm doing the best that I can do to make my stride

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