Carole King

Carole King - Such Sufferin'

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What a life it is

The hardships, the tears

The desperate years

Such sufferin'

Gimme a Bufferin!

And what have I got?

True, it's a lot!

But so what?

There's got to be more to being so great

To looking first-rate and staying out late

Just look at the state I'm in!


Such sufferin'

My days are full of sufferin' and


I've really learned the hard way

That pastas and cakes

And french fries and steaks

Are not such great shakes

That castles in Spain

Are just a big pain

That life is inane

If you're sufferin'

I'm not blufferin'!

Can't wonders like me

Learn how to be

Happy and grateful

For just a mere plateful

Of life's simple goodies?

I wish it were so

But the answer is NO!

So I suffa

Get tougha

And don't get enougha


Us Super-Dupers

Are regular troopers

We give all we got

And believe it or not

That's a lot!

The standing ovations!

The keys to all nations!

Bermuda vacations!

Money! Success!

I'd settle for less

If I could stop this


Oh such sufferin'

Foo on such sufferin'

Poo on such sufferin'

Oh, nuts to all this sufferin'

Gimme a Bufferin

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