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Carole King - Pierre

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There was once a boy named Pierre

Who only would say, I don't care!

Read his story, my friend, for you'll find

At the end that a suitable

Moral lies there

(Chapter I)

One day his mother said

When Pierre climbed out of bed

-Good morning, darling boy, you are my only joy

Pierre said-I don't care!

-What would you like to eat?

-I don't care!

-Some lovely cream of wheat?

-I don't care!

-Don't sit backwards in your chair

-I don't care!

-Or pour syrup on your hair

-I don't care!

-You are acting like a clown

-I don't care!

-And we have to go to town

-I don't care!

-Don't you want to come, my dear?

-I don't care!

-Would you rather stay right here?

-I don't care!

So his mother left him there

(Chapter II)

His father said-Get off your head

Or I will march you up to bed!

Pierre said-I don't care!

-I would think that you could see--

-I don't care!

-Your head is where your feet should be!

-I don't care!

-If you keep standing upside down--

-I don't care!

-We'll never get to town

-I don't care!

-If only you would say, I care

-I don't care!

-I'd let you fold the folding chair

-I don't care!

So his parents left him there

They didn't take him anywhere

(Chapter III)

Now as the night began to fall

A hungry lion paid a call

He looked Pierre right in the eye

And asked him if he'd like to die

Pierre said-I don't care!

-I can eat you, don't you see?

-I don't care!

-And you will be inside of me

-I don't care!

-Then you will never have to bother--

-I don't care!

-With a mother and a father

-I don't care!

-Is that all you have to say?

-I don't care!

-Then I'll eat you, if I may

-I don't care!

So the lion ate Pierre

(Chapter IV)

Arriving home at six o'clock

His parents had a dreadful shock!

They found the lion sick in bed and cried

-Pierre is surely dead!

They pulled the lion by the hair

They hit him with the folding chair

His mother asked-Where is Pierre?

The lion answered-I don't care!

His father said-Pierre's in there!

(Chapter V)

They rushed the lion into town

The doctor shook him up and down

And when the lion gave a roar

Pierre fell out upon the floor

He rubbed his eyes and scratched his head

And laughed because he wasn't dead

His mother cried and held him tight

His father asked-Are you allright?

Pierre said-I am feeling fine

Please take me home, it's half past nine

The lion said-If you would care

To climb on me, I'll take you there

Then everyone looked at Pierre

Who shouted-Yes, indeed, I care!

The lion took them home to rest

And stayed on as a weekend guest

The moral of Pierre is: CARE!

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