Carole King

Carole King - Little Prince

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Little prince--livin' in a dream world

Using everybody at your beck and call

You could have it all

If you only knew who you really are

Little prince--livin' in a fantasy

You're lonely, though illusion keeps you company

Take a look around

Does your little town exist

Or is it just too far from your reality

I know it can't be very easy

To be brought up treated royally

To have so-called friends all around

Who cater to you loyally

Don't it make you wonder

As you listen for the thunder

Little prince--though you may deny it

There's something in the quiet

Of your deepest soul

That's an empty hole

Though I know you don't

Want to hear it

You will never find your spirit

Until you see and be

Who you really are

Little prince, oh, little prince

You know who you are

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