Carole King

Carole King - It's Gonna Work Out Fine

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We've been putting each other through a hard time

And it's a mighty good feeling to know we're gonna work it out

It's gonna work out

Yeah, it's gonna work out fine

Take a look at the way it's going now

Makes you want to give a sigh of relief

You know the last thing I ever wanted to do

Was to give you any grief

I guess it was a situation

That was bound to come up someday

But our feeling for each other won out

And I'm oh-so-glad to say

Even the best of relationships

Run the risk of going awry

There's a lot two people who care about each other

Can do to make each other cry

Ain't it funny how it took a reunion

To help us to really see

With each other is the only way we can ever be

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