Carole King

Carole King - Goodbye, Don't Mean I'm Gone

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by Carole King

Don't it seem like the time goes on

And here we are still carrying on

Reaching out for one another

Like a telephone call

from an old friend or a brother

And you are there to share this

song in the making

Goodbye don't mean I'm gone

I know how alone you are

When it's so hard to be so far

From the ones who mean the most to you

WHen you would so much rather

have them close to you

I hope you know you haven't been forsaken

Goodbye don't mean i'm gone

I'll never be what you think you see in me

If I can help you deal with what you see as real

That makes me glad to have known you

Missing you the way I do

You know I'd like to see more of you

But it's all I can do to be a mother

My baby is in one hand,

I've a pen in the other

You know my love is always there for the taking

And goodbye don't mean I'm gone

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