Carole King

Carole King - Friday's Tie-Dye Nightmare

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In Friday's tie-dye nightmare

I was trying to get from here to there

Walking to, passing through people everywhere

I got on at my station, running through the fire

Looking for an elevation that would get me a little higher

News of people dying, someone lying on the stair

Crying for the nation, can we offer up a prayer

There'll be a coronation, a fancy dress affair

We'll be lined up in formation, but we won't be going anywhere

Down the hellhole, trying to make my way

I couldn't get where I wanted, due to an unforeseen delay

The man was apologetic as he turned his head to say

Sorry, kid, you're not gonna make it home today

Hey mister, why'd you take my ticket away

Even more to the point, how come I let you

I could blame it all on you, or make up my mind to stay

I wish I knew a way I could forget you

I didn't read the fine print, y'gotta be on the ball

Some days I'm less confident, up against a wall

I wonder where my mind went, I should have made the call

I like to think I'm innocent, but then, don't we all

I got to the next location, hoping for the best

But another situation put me to the test

A man in black pants, a white shirt, and a red vest

Had fallen on the track and no one even got depressed

Or even guessed he wasn't putting on an act

Someone said he'd drunk too much

'Cause he was lying on his back

It was also duly noted that he happened to be black

There was a serious lack of anything right at all here

What's the difference--I didn't stop

The very least I could have done was call a cop

But I passed the news vendor, pursuing my agenda

And I like everyone else, I dropped the ball here

Still trying to get home, I saw a telephone

And put some coins I had found

They were supposed to work, they did for the man beside me

But when I dropped them in, they wouldn't go down

What is going on here

Will I ever know the truth

How do to deal with the time stealing away your daddy's youth

Story after story of disaster barely missed

You see, common miracles somehow do exist

And anyone can be kissed by lady fortune

So I gathered up my skirt and tucked my wallet in

Grabbed my bag and the sling I carried my girl child in

Funny she didn't cry, she wasn't scared at all

She could see a happy outcome in the patterns on the wall

And y'know

The next train was the right one, but not for the vested man

I try, but there's too many things I'll never understand

Y'gotta keep on going knowing someone's got a plan

For Friday's tie-dye nightmare and Monday's promised land

And there it is

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