Carole King

Carole King - Everybody's Got The Spirit

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You can feel it in the air

Like a circle growing

You can tune right into it

If you know what you're looking for

If you want to be a part of it

Open the door to your heart and your mind

You can't help but find

As you begin to soar

Everybody's got the spirit

Yeah, you know what I mean

Working together, keeping it nice and easy

Keeping it free

There's a train pulling in

To the nearest station

Fare is low

You can go if you want to

If you're gonna get on board

Now is the time, 'cause it's on the move

The music is soothing

The rhythm is grooving

People growing all the time in every way

Learning where they are in terms of every day

Might as well keep moving, time won't let you stay

Everybody's got the spirit

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