Carole King

Carole King - Daughter Of Light

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Daughter of light

You're a welcome sight

To a weary soul

Seeing you just lifts me out of the cold

It's only temporary

You have to go away

But you're beautiful

And you never fail to make my day

Daughter of light

You smile and all the sadness leaves my heart

It's an easy course for sailing that you chart

But it's only temporary

You have to go away

You're too beautiful

And you know I'd never ask you to stay

Riding on the beach at sunset

Dreaming of the world that waits for you

That's where my mind's eye sees you

In a world that frees you

To do anything that you want to do

Daughter of light

Though you can only be a sometime friend

You restore my faith in love again

And that's not temporary

Even though you go away

You're too beautiful

Much more than words can say

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