Carole King

Carole King - Crazy

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Y'get up every morning, see the same old face

Y'get in your car and drive it down to the same old place

Well, do you ever wonder what it's all about

Something they call freedom of choice

That you should not live without

Me, I'm feelin' lazy

And it's me that's on the line

I may be crazy

But I've been crazy for a long time

You take your action on weekends at a time

But you can make all week your own

If you set your mind

You see security in the chrome American dream

But I don't believe in livin' in the middle

With available extremes

Now there's many people see the truth in what I'm sayin'

But it's hard to make up your mind with a programmed brain

You who know better, but you're just gonna wait and see

Why don't you do it now, you may never get another


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