Carole King

Carole King - Ballad Of Chicken Soup (The)

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Today our dear friend

Chicken Soup

This very ordinary day

Boiled up a pot of

Chicken soup

And swallowed it away

A-lack! A-day!

O-Woe! Oy-Vey!

He swallowed it away!

Now listen to what I'm gonna say

A little bone, a bitty thing

No bigger than my pinky-

He swallowed hot

From out that pot

In quicker than a winky

He gulped that soup

Let out a whoop!

And fell down croaking

On the stoop

And he Choked!

And he SAGGED!


And he GAGGED!

And he let out a SCREAM!

And he let out a MOAN!

Then he cried

'Cause he died

From choking on a bone

On such an ordinary day

Like today

A-lack! A-day!

O-Woe! Oy-Vey!

On an ordinary day

Chicken soup passed away!

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