Carola - The innocence is gone lyrics

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Why do we live and die?

Why does love make us cry?

We wanted all the answers

We were younger then

We thought we could change the world

Hand in hand

I can remember when

We made sand turn to stone

And built our castles high

Time and tears have torn us down

I'm afraid to face the future

Hold me now

Where do we go from here?

After all the innocence is gone

(After all the tears)

It takes courage to believe

Love will last forever

Dreams die along the way

But together we are strong

I need you now to carry on

Why does time move so fast

We've got to make each moment last

We only get one lifetime

Everyday we're born again

We've got to learn to care again

Hold me now

I don't want to live without you

After all the innocence is gone...

You and I can fly again

Chasing down the rainbow's end

In the frozen hour of the darkest night

We can find the light

After all the innocence is gone...

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