Carola - Kiss goodbye lyrics

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You never thought that I would get over you

Oh what an illusion

That I could never, find a man like you

But deep inside

But deep inside you know it

I'm the stronger one

I'm a survivor

Will live my life alone

'til I find someone

Who doesn't run

When love is gone


Give me a kiss goodbye

Oh darling

I hold my head up high and without you

I will survive

There's no way I'll fall

I'm standing tall

Give me a kiss goodbye

Oh baby

Cause I won't live a lie and without you

I fly so high

I'll get over you

You know it's true

In a world of dreams life was beautiful

Oh what an illusion

We gave it all for love we were powerful

But I know now

But now I know you fooled me

With your masquerade

I've been betrayed by love charade


Oh I'll get over you

You know it's true, yeah

So give me a kiss goodbye

I will survive

I fly so high, yeah


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