Cam'Ron - Wonderland lyrics

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Ft. Hell Rell


Killa, ya know, if you neva go out on a limb

How the fuck d'you expect to get the apple, nigga?


(Verse: Camron)

It's ups and downs, ride the flow, it's pizza values, his and lows

I luv my fam, despise my foes, P&H (what's that?) pies and hoes

My mind on money, my mind on business

? is good for yo teeth, so is mindin' yo business

Y'all just started, I'm at that line finish

Tell society (what's that?) that I'm a menace

Fuck crayola, man, I want aye-ola

Crack and weed, you know, coke, no cola

I'm so divine, I'll blow yo mind, 'lantincs Ave's shit

Forty', 1 3 9


(Verse 2: Camron)

You know me, I'll beat her and leave her

DMG on the sneakers, left my watch at home

But had to leave on my heater

Man come get yo bitch, she keep callin' me my nigga

You wanna get rich? A bunch of loyalty, my nigga

I take a whole brick, I break it down to ounces

I heard yo bitch is thirsty, new condo got a fountain

You know I got that shit, every verse light and fluid

He said this his car, but can't show you the title to it

Damn, my nigga, he can't read fo' shit, but he made 60.000

Every time that he receive a brick

How did muthafucka Rooga make it? He a piece of shit

God luv us hood niggas, hater, you can eat a dick


(Verse 3: Hell Rell)

I walk a corner with the skills men posses

This ain't the Gram, girl, but I want a fam request

She laugh, true, and she like my denim vest

You somethin' else, Cam, yeah, girl, I been a mess

I'm a veteran, watchin' these rookie fumble

Chocolate chip nigga, that's the way the cookie crumbles

Dumb and Dumber, my shit go double dumb

All I got is hard dick, no bubble gum

More rocks and rumble, I'm troublesome

Couple Coupes, couple cars, shit, a couple guns

I'm well connected, I make a couple runs

You lookin' fucked up, come get a couple ones


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