Cam'Ron - Why No

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[Intro] Yeah nigga This is what the fuck I'm talking about Back up in this fucking shit now We gonna do shit ya'll niggaz never heard of Fuck is goin on in this motherfuckin bitch c'mon [Jim Jones] Yo yo yo yo I'm a nomad nigga I came up with no dag Little broke nigga I ain't have no cash No threads and no rags Shit was serious I wasn't in no fads nigga I'm no pretender I've been to jail and I know offenders You I don't know or no remember But I know you tender Shit you ain't no exeption I'm in the hood with no redemption When you gonna die in life there's no prevention Why the fuck you put us here when you know we bad Yeah I was one that would cut you Cause I came up to with no one to look up to But the one that sold drugs to the ones with no life Why the fuck police treatin us like we got no rides Niggaz I know the truth though I ain't got no poverty nigga I know my roots Nigga I know some mirrads that don't get no dormida Ain't got no trible for no cormida no papa no madre no nada Nigga no hente what the fuck people no comprende [Freaky Zeeky] Comprende what the fuck Nigga fuck all this shit up in this motherfucker Got get your own cheese nigga What the fuck is the deal what the fuck is the deal Nigga fuck is the deal nigga fuck is the deal Keep it real on this motherfuckin bitch nigga You talkin shit blah blah fuck you bitch Nigga I do what the fuck I got to do [Cam'ron] Yo I can't live up in Hollow Hills with some model thrills Why for the dollar bills I got the bottle Crils I don't have to swallow pills Why when I'm starvin I got to gobble meals Why did I cop to steal Why did I ride ride for real Why we can't wait til our time God could take her Why the flesh eatin disease make niggaz get ate her Why bitches with a fat ass gotta wear A cup Why Dave Listern from the NBA-a Why the great ones always break up And when travisty happen they wanna make up Why niggaz can't get caked up and stay caked up Say what why we can't tell who's smart or dumb Why niggaz in blue suits gotta take us and put us in orange one Why Adam and Eve didn't know what was in the garden dun Why niggaz from America always wanna cart to foreign land My drugs I gotta buy why sluts gotta fly why thugs gotta cry Why when I get on blood got to die Why me and Tai can't see eye to eye Why when plane crashes niggaz fly to die Why were depend on a handshake when you reachin a palm Why beef with my mom why can't sleep when I cum Why my black I love every fight I laugh when they mug me every right I got to fuck every night Run deep in my ways six feet deep in our graves Why periods last three to five days Why we ain't retreated to slaves Why we don't learn til we leave for the cage And we say the beasts is in rage Why I can't tell you the whole story just a piece of the page Whys no such thing as true lies Why can't I have two rather than few highs Whys homos got to do guys in the world Why ain't there more girls that wanna do girls Whys multiple-sclorosis why got multiple intosis You know my .45 my .357 but why my shotgun why plot dun Why man in statue depend on his rocks son Why my hood fight flurges I see crook type murders And niggaz get cooked like burgers Why your girl want my clique why your girl on my dick Why she rub it against her mouth like it's chap stick Why this rap shit Why CEOs wanna rap why rappers wanna be CEOs Yo why you all wanna see me blow Why the rederick why I can't get my proper etiquette [Outro] Better get all your money motherfucker get that said again I want that money too nigga Fuck that lil two dollar prude I wanna get that Cristal shit too nigga Yeah niggaz up in the shit motherfucker I ain't stoppin I ain't never fuckin stoppin I ain't never motherfuckin stoppin up in this motherfucker Nigga you better get some more money cause We got to tapes up this motherfucker You better be rich cause we got a lot more shit I ain't never gonna stop motherfucker I bet you better believe that

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