Cam'Ron - What Means The World To You (Remix) lyrics

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[Ludacris] Track Mas-ter-rrrah! What means the world to me? Snappin bras, menage-a-trois What means the world to me? Smokin hash, slappin ass What means the world to me? Breakin laws, racin cars What means the world to me? Makin bail, A-T-L [Cam'Ron] Uhh, uhh What mean the world to me? When I bang hoes, sky blue Range Rov's Stop comin to my crib with your period Serious bitch, and you act like I ain't know I like my dishes deep, I like when I twist a freak I like when her man find out, wanna call Cam's house Laugh when he went for me; I tell him Women are trife - yeah I been in your wife but do me a favor, dog Don't call here again in your life, I'm killer Atlanta I bubbled, in Memphis I hustled In Kansas I juggle, New York, all my muscle we tussle Listen you would too, if you knew what this game would do to you Been in this shit, two years Boo Look at all the bullshit I been through So called beef with you know who (who?) But I got macs, gats Nine nine's times nine, blow, blow, OW! (owww) [Ludacris] Let me tell 'em what'll mean the world Ludacris and a couple a girls You find a brotha runnin up in the girls I get 'em drunk, chugga-luggin the girls Ding-a-ling face huggin the girls I get late - think I'm up with the girls? Skeet, skeet, gone; it's all about that party Bacardi - motions, rub lotion, all over your body What means the world to me? A little head preferably, so I express this verbally And I don't care, I just want somebody to braid my hair Cause I keeps it nappy, I'm happy, and I got my word and ball That's all I need in this world, plus a little bit of alcohol A box of Phillies and tig ol' bitties in fifty cities I set it out after shows and the club is comin with me I'm black and proud, I'm black and loud, I'm black and high And it really mean the world to me if I live my life, stay black and die [??] Uhh, c'mon, yo, yo What mean the world to me? Gettin money fuckin girls for free On the corner hustlin from twelve to three Cook coke, make twelve from three, uhh Bottle up, it'll sell for three Two for five, sound well to me My coke so good have them fiends outside on line from twelve to three (uh-huh) And everything'll stop in the winter when I cop in the winter Come to your block in a drop in the winter Chinchilla top in the top of the drop in the winter Gotta make it hot in the winter, uhh Post on your block with the glock with the cops And the shit'll still pop in the winter {*chorus*} [Cam] What mean the world to you? [Luda] Breakin laws, racin cars (HO!) [Cam] What mean the world to you? [Trina] My house, my rocks, and my Bentley drop (OW!) [Cam] What mean the world to you? [Trina] Shoppin sprees in a Prada shop (HO!) [Cam] What mean the world to you? [Cam] Ladies? (HO!) [Trina] Fellas (OW!) (HO!) (OW!) (HO!) (OW!) (HO!) (OW!) [Pimp C] Uhh, what mean the world to Pimp? My paper, steak and shrimp My bitches on the track For they daddy, bringin it back Pussy is still the best thing going I got a hoe like Jesse Owens I used to sell dope, ride dirty, cocaine scorin Sellin D wasn't for me, I gotta keep the prostitutes hoe'n Comin through, sittin low, in the C-F-I double-oh Platinum with the twenty inches Instrument to get the bitches Comin down, prancin 'round Gettin my dick sucked in every town Sweet Jones, fuck the clone Rippin wood, in the Brougham Bitch I got some game to sell and only money make my dick swell Hold up.. beitch, Sweet Jones [Bun B] Man, now what mean the world to me? Well, to me man, the world is mean Cause a - mean world is the only world that a mean man like me just care for seein Now ever-green I smoke, forever clean I croak The average Bun B Texas loc' The savage choked out, smoked out up in the mezzanine Now I'm just a fiend, hooked for the mic Bless the scene, look for the dyke I get a letter and know that we better Hit the hotel, do what I like What's that? Find a fresh one take it in Strip it, flip it, break it in My pimp game is rock solid There's no way for you to bring fakin in Now we makin men, outta boys, or makin boys wormy Cause we bust bigger guns, got bigger nuts And when they go off they make a lotta noise And I can't think of no prouder joys than money, big cheese and a girl or two sheeit That's what the world mean to me mayn Tell me what the world mean to you, huh That's what the world mean to me mayn Tell me what the world mean to you, huh [Trina] I know y'all wonder, who the female stunner, in the G-G-Hunter Ridin 'round town in a hot pink Hummer, hot like summer With the diamond bangles like Charlie's Angels, you can't knock my hustle And I need my bread up front playboy, cause I can't trust ya I'm just like a phone bill, if you don't pay me, ain't no conversation And money mean the world to me, that's why this bitch here paper chasin When it comes to the figures I'm way way worse than them hustlin niggaz With the ki's to the coke, for the mansion the Bentley and the keys to the boat I take that dick real, real, real deep to the throat I'm from the M-I-A, that's where I dwell, niggaz can't you tell I'm bad as hell, even my pussy smell like Chanelle {*chorus*} [Cam] What means the world to me? [Luda] Breakin laws, racin cars (HO!) [Pimp] What mean the world to Pimp? [Trina] Marble floors, platinum beds [Cam] What means the world to you? [Trina] Stacks of bread on my Gucci spread [Cam] What means the world to you? [Cam] Ladies? (HO!) [Trina] Fellas (OW!)

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