Cam'Ron - Victory (Freestyle) lyrics

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Ft. Jim Jones


My assistant gets an e-mail

We would like to do a story about your involvement

In the Dipset reunion

Dipset reunion

Dipset reunion

Dipset reunion


The sun don't shine fo'eva

And the city ain't big enough for everyone to shine together

I'm too cleaver, business before pleasure

Killa in the set, who you know do it betta?

Killa 40ith, been there since a shawty

I'm bout the .40 cal, an armor 40-40

Don't make an ass outta yoself by assumin'

I'm usually keeps you movin', what is you doin'?

What ya want?! Talk about money, baby? Funny, baby

Actin' like I'm hungry, baby, talkin' crazy

Damn, man, I can't even feel sum'

Having money that don’t make you a real one

You stepped on the court you gon' play my game

Just take shorty’s advice and say my name (Destiny Child’s sample)

I was dang mane, you ova did it, holmes

You shouldn't be alone, I'm from the danger zone

Hold hands is here like flee(?), the most shady... killa baby

Automatics, caskets, know no top for you bastards, faggots

Me? I'm rockin' coke of the (?)

(Verse 2)

This is Dipset, we don't need permission to hit 'em

They don't like me? Hit em while his hitter was with 'em

Ya know wassup, we throw it up the most brazzy

FEDs hate me, make movies like Kevin Spacey

The General, keep the .40 by the genitals

Shoot up yo entourage like it's ten o' you

Tell you to en-trend the topic

We still gettin' cash, comin' thru in the belly topless

Niggas tryna sue me fo' that short 40 grand

Ya know how many murders I can get fo' 30 bands?

If nigga took the stand, he got rat in his blood

That John Gotti shit, I got that in my blood

You niggas ain't killin' shit, Rosey still spillin' shit

So once I pull up to the dealership

Half my niggas still dealin' bricks

My young niggas still drillin' shit

Get, ya know I stay up in my Billie shit

I'm really on my illie shit

Keep a few keys so I can push a few V's

Now I get a few shows and then I pick up some dough

And yeah, right, no matter what, we air tight

We still truck niggas, you betta hope we spare life

In the truck, nigga, penthouse suits and err'nights

Back to back verticals(?) Harlem on clear nights

(Outro x2)

(It's Dipset, how that sound?)

Where my Dipset homies that be bustin' the gat?

And my bad black killas that be flippin' em packs?

Where my hittaz is at? Where my heartless is at?

Where my hustlers at? Where my hittas is at?

(Niggas betta gang up, get some enforcement)

(Matterz fact, bet' get some reinforcements)

(Nigga, east side, ain't nothin' change, nigga)

(Still got killas on deck, speed dial)

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