Cam'Ron - Stop It 5, Kill ‘Em lyrics

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Stop it 5

Stop it 5

Stop it 5

Stop it 5

You said you’d be cover us

put the drop in .. .. lie on top, lie on top, lie (stop it 5)

..selling this I ain’t .. really 11 mix tell em this (stop it 5)

Barely can pay the sketch this when the ..and be frankly ..

had to say connect

For me not today thank God I got a way ...and got say (stop it 5)

.. girls they wanna grab and ..console me

.. looking like .. you’re from begging ..

so when there’s now, not a piece of ..more like a teacher

so ..., get the .. for I’m smoken like a ..blunt

yeah I’m gonna ask for one, we lived the hardest life so we party

the .. then pull up start to ride.

I hear it got it .. like the ..the block is mine

Then why you’re blocking mine

The why you’re blocking mine, (stop it 5)

You ain’t got a .. smoke it chocolate ..

Wasting your watches time (stop it 5).

I’m like ..i fly .. might

A sky by .. with some .. don’t worry

I got a .. with the sky rocket

You in love.. me and my love brothers

Cook the beef like .. stuck sucker

What I think might no judge f*cker

Will I deal with nothing but drugs brother

Smack you girl kill your pap take your mother

..hit your sis ..take your brother

First joy is .. Jamaica colors

Make em take cover

Me I teach .. please don’t wrong with me ..

Every time you meet girls on .. harmony

The block I treat like the farmacy from the back to ..the armory.

Kill em kill em kill em

We kill em

Kill em kill em kill em

We kill em

Kill em kill em kill em

We kill em

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