Cam'Ron - So Bad lyrics

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Feat. Yummy

[Hook: Yummy]

I really thought we could've worked it out

Even gave us the benefit of doubt

But we couldn't stop playing around

Didn't understand, but I do now

Sometimes I wish that we could get it back

Because everyone deserves a second chance

But we can never go back like that

It's a shame how our good thing turned so bad

Too bad, baby

So sad

Look at all that we could've had

Just too bad

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]

Yo, baby

Let me rescue you from the residue

I don't know what the rest'll do

But this is what the best'll do

Take you to a better view

Do things we never do

Pleasure you, treasure you

Don't skimp and measure you, girl

And they scrutinize cause you get the coupe to drive

But you caught me cheating and in stupid lies

Yeah we argued a little -- no need to pout, mama

I changed, I ain't about drama -- Scout's honor!

And you forgave me; that's why I behaved, b

You don't have to bathe me to love that you gave me, it's gravy

Grade me -- would I get a A, B?

Maybe you my lady, but you my baby


[Verse 2]

Yeah we made love; man, I wish I ain't acknowledge ya

(Wish you ain't acknowledge me?) Wish I ain't acknowledge ya

Acting like drugs -- if I do, I would have bottled ya

Bitter on Twitter, following my followers

And I don't like a follower, uh

You getting chilly, I'mma let it burn, Usher Raymond

That's where game was served, let me explain my words

You like a app in my iPhone, a angry bird

Screaming Cam name cause I do the damn thing

Forget a low down dirty, it's a damn shame

Cause you a thug cutie, Louis, snug booty

Ooh-wee, but the attitude on Judge Judy


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