Cam'Ron - Snapped lyrics

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Yo I told the girl it’s over

No need for something baby

What she do?

Put lipstick all on my garage baby

Two flat tires, my windshield cracked

Spray paint and fucked up real rap

She did surgery to the V, open heart

Got to be careful with it (What’s that?)

A girl’s broken heart

She pulled up with her friends

Like what’s shaking nigger

Them hoes hopped down like Halloween

And egged a nigger

You know that made me mad

Pop the trunk, K I grabbed

And did that a make up bag

Then thought about it, wait a minute

This the same bitch that snitched up on her baby dad

He missed his son’s youth

That shit is under coof

Caps 22 love hate then lie

Tragic up then lie

Goose, goose, I keep the deuce, deuce

Snapped on Sunday

These bitches coose loose

Yeah 2 Chainz

Check the auto mal

Put the car in park

Clovers, diamonds, ace of spade

Party hard

We started as friends, we played bros and sisters

Now I guess it’s incest cause now I'm fucking with her

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