Cam'Ron - Rap City Freestyle lyrics

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BET, Rap City, Big Tigga

Putting it down with Juelz and Cam, my _____

Fill in the blank, your ass might get spanked, you dig?

We doing it way big, so come on

Let it rock now!

Hey, this album, from me to you

Any freestyle in the Basement I'mma see it through

Watch your back in the streets, the one that stab

You might even be your crew, Me and Cam

You know how we do. Harlem/Bx representers, Big Tig born

In the month of December. My man Juelz is the

Dipset representer. Who's going next? Cam? Or Juelz?

[Juelz Santana]

Juelz Santana, August 19th, from me to you:

Yo, I'm still popping the Ruger, duke

Still hop in the newest coupe

Still got me a hootie-hoo, still got me

From Rucka, too. And she will swallow a hoola-hoop

Ask around: she will swallow the Juicy Fruit

They can't tell em cats how them bullets

Propelling fast, leave your head and melon smashed

Hella fast in a yellow cab

Uh, comes to doing this, yeah you so great

When it comes to doing shh

Ok, you spit, you've got the flu: you sick

Homeboy, I'm rich! I got the coupe from this

I got the car, the crib, I got the roof from this

Plus I got your girl thinking I'm the cutest Dip

That'll hurt your heart, but I'm working hard

Y'all some hating chumps, back to making bucks

Boy, I'm so used to dishing the bird out

I bought a crib in the tree so I could live

In the birdhouse. Dipset, boy, you know what

Them birds bout. Gun in each hand

So you know when them birds out

My man Black is the utmost nutso

British is dundo for letting his gun go!

My man James keep the Glock on pop-o

Soon as I say "get em!" he says "Tato, Tato"

He comes through with his Spanish team

2 Hummers: tan and green

1 coupe: a tangerine Lamborghin'

God damn it's mean, god damn the team

Look at his wheels: god damn the feet

God damn it, he keep on stuntin'

God damn, is he gon' keep on stuntin'?

Oh yes I am buzzin', oh yes I am buggin'

Oh yes I am dumpin' on any man frontin'

Oh yes I am, cousin

I don't play that, I "OK" that

I bring the K back, spray that and shoot you down!

Til you move around, lose a pound, who's it now?

Lose it now, Ruger down, chump: we'll shoot you down


Everybody out at the Rock the Mic tour

We back in the kitchen, rocking the white raw

You copping your pipe for, locking your nice doors

We pop up in like 4 with chickens that like raw

They clickin', they like raw! They fixin' to fight for

Me: look at my ice, for sure, your sight's sore

We all wearing links as I prepare a drink

Glare and think how I got the whole New York wearing pink

Girls, they stare and wink, how I flare the mink

Pop the top, pop the throttle, cock a Glock

Pop a bottle. See "Paid in Full"

Now I'm up in Blockbuster

And I'm paid in full: still on the block, buster

Not for rock, rucker. '01 ride-wrecker

Shogun, show guns, blow one, you not Gutter!

Little inside joke for you cocksuckers

My block, sucker? Popcorn and hot butter

Like its the movie theater, but its the Uzi area

Hootie-hoo for hootie-hoo, produce hysteria

And me, I ain't no coattail snitch

I did the Motel 6 with the wholesale bricks

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