Cam'Ron - Makeout lyrics

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ft. Jim Jones and Sen City


What up Tito poppin! Finally my nigga Hood!

Jim Jones, Vampire Life! Dipset,...know what this about.

Sip wine, find time, chill, take a time out

Niggas saying Slime and they ain’t shouting Slime out.

Make them sign out, he more than just an artist.

Support 'em like a harness, cash out your corners

Yeah I take the penny then I make them pay homage.

Ain’t nothing new, no need to be astonished

From the same hood as Big L, honest

Rich Porter back, the father of Gary Saunders

Yeah I played Queens, stood out on farmers

Played Indiana, got money with farmers

White dude, jean jumpsuit, called it farmer

Still in the club, pop bottles in pajamas

Don’t mean Nas when I say Nostradamus

Got English muffins, I don’t know Thomas

Don’t mean the Yanks when I say the Bronx Bombers

My dude from the Bronx come through with the Llamas

Hog tied, spit on, I do the honors

School of hard knocks, graduated with honors

Shout to Duke daughter, my god-daughter, Honor

Aunt Normie, Ted, welcome home Tiajuana

Megan, Neece, the homegirl DaVaughna

Donna, Shawna, every last Tajauna

You worry about me man, I do what I wanna

Yeah you know the swag, now check my persona, bayby

(Sen City)

Shoulda came with me, left this bitch pissy

Coupe say 220, nigga don’t tempt me

Bricks off white, wrist Carolina blue

… coming 3 … I’ma make it

I get so excited but I’d rather show you

… on the mobile

You talk about the … but you ain’t play the game

I swear I play for money before I play for fame

Cause I figure with the money I could pay for fame

I love the snow so I can make it rain

Drop at least a …just to make a change

…but the face is clean

… she … in another…

Eat your food like…

I swear my hood it’s getting scarier

Young niggers wanna ride like malaria

Cause no rules on the barriers,

What they pack big tools in they…

… I’m saying prayers with the hammer on me

It’s money in the bank nigger stop something

All 12 ways niggers cop some

… I’ma drop some

And you gonna get what niggers…

You know I keep a couple goons with me

I do dirt so I keep a couple… with me

I sweep the streets like sanitate

I keep a mass nigger, tell me where the …

… came with me, let this bitch

… 20 niggers don’t tempt me

Bricks so … Carolina blue

… coming 3 … I’ma make it

I get so excited but I’d rather show you

… on the mobile.

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