Cam'Ron - Losin' Weight lyrics

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Cam'ron: (Chorus) Why I feel like I'm losin' weight Why I ain't got no money, less I'm movin' weight Why my life depend on what I'mma do today Why I can't move away It's just you and me, without the scrutiny, bitches screwin' me, 2 and 3 truencies 4 shots, 1 toolie G, 1 uliogy Make sure my mother and girl is smothered in pearls Before a nigga under the world When I was 10 got the truly dict, My uncle pulled me to the side And he schooled me quick, told me son gooey- spit You can't get paid in a earth this big, you worthless kid Niggas don't deserve to live, go and get a motherfucker if he murder kids, bottle up carbohydrates and preservatives He got hit up that same night Ever since my flow, my dough, and my hoe game been tight Puns of pearls, yo tounge will twirl, listen here Booger bear, I'll have you up in hooker gear,I swear I was doin', Lex persuin', niggas wired like Western Union Short like next to Ewing, head for truent, his set was ruined Phony checks was fluent, listen hear me out I'm from a cocaine block, with some plain clothes cops Where the sun don't rise, but the rain don't stop The pain don't stop, but my reign don't stop Ain't no lockouts, the game don't stop Every month you change yo locks, change yo spots Get a little smart, want to change yo rocks Rearrange yo tops you got a gang of friends, money You got Ben's arraign money, yeah Ben ?? money But if I get knocked, I ain't got no bail But I come on the weekend, from Pablo's jail See I came a long way that's livin' the wrong way That's sniffin' the po-na, that's sippin' the cog-na, hey You wanna be a star, you have ya own day From where they play ball, drink and get buzzed Reminiscin' on what a good kid he was I don't know what happened, all he did is what he loved That's when you opposin' me, killa get the rosary Fuck this rap shit, I'll die for mine, motherfucker Chorus(Prodigy): Prodigy: I'm around yall, it's goin' down yall murder rap, clown niggas back down yall Straight like that, yall niggas fuck around yo Bandana P, blow thirds, the four take you on all fours Thug shit, I keep a beamed out fifth Is you fiend out bitch, catch a gleamed bullet I live the street life ya heard, guns money and birds Get dead armed and dead on ya jewels and pearls Where I was placed, put between the wrong style thun Capital P, you know whats the outcome Bout some, but never put out the stout guns Don't let ya mouth get you in some shit ya legs run from For all the killa's and the 100 dollar hoes Who real ??? check me out though The most ill, more drama than Denzel More liver than the park fights at Sunny Carson Me and Killa Cam, live at the carbon it's crazy, niggas throwin' they shit and niggaz flashin' crazy Chorus(Cam'ron):

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