Cam'Ron - Let The Beat Build Freestyle

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My nigga G.O.D. (yessur)

My nigga Leo G (how y'all doin')

Let's rock baby

Yo, I'm thinkin' 'bout AJ

Ajinaye, name shoulda been AK

Willie hit the Eastside, it was mayday

Red Bentley drop, let's play, play

Chuck Stone home, my nigga Ray, hey

Pass the Brandy brother, I'm Ray J

That was deep for y'all, that's just why I sleep on y'all

Peep it y'all, you creepin' any coke, give me a call

Can't stop the D's, but the D's can't stop the keys

Stop the cheese, all these damn shopping sprees

Louis this, Gucci that, sacks, 5th

.9, Tech, banana, Mac clips

Go 'head and act sick, Mac spits, backflips

That rich, a half a million dollars in the mattress

Stickup kids outside, tell 'em "Ah it's cool"

Thou will never ever ever get my jewels

Go 'head and try fool, die fool, I, cruel

Mean jet, tough car, bad bitch, fly pool

I'm professional, you high school

Mini hardware store, 5 tools

And they're all hammers, you'll turn pale-blue

Not the cops, ock, but I will nail you

Fishscale, that's on the scale boo

Run a train on your girl, then derail you

You, you, this is how you get rich

Yeah, yeah, this is how you get rich

Yeah, yeah, this is how you get rich

Bitch, bitch, bitch

We talkin' codes on the phone, jellocake

I see my enemy, well look, hello snake

Killa, calm, yeah I'm in a mellow state

Anytime, any moment, they'll be yellow tape

And y'all hesitaters call on your investigators

Legislators, yo you should invest in a respirator

Like Warren G and Nate Dogg, I'm a regulator

I'm on the top ock, catch the next escalator

I want fast head, mami give me slow dome

Wish she can hurry up, so she can go home

Or go roam, I'm so grown

Sun hit the ring, it look like a snowcone

And you synthetic, forget it, I'm connected, respected

What you expected, yo check it, it's genetic

Fuck with me you will regret it, in the ground you'll be embedded

Let's bet it, don't wanna bet it, the best bet is to get it, forget it

The abominal, phenomenal phenomenon

Bomb wit' no drama, whole Llama blow at abdominals

They fallin' like they dominoes, what we got in common though

Nuttin' cuz I'm comma after comma after hoe

They bonded though

Wonder where I wander though, where I'm a go

How I'ma flow, they baffle how I'm on the dough, on the low

Babygirl I'm honorroll and right now I'm on a roll

Born to roll, pay your toll, hurry up, get on the pole

Shake it like a tambourine, peel it like a tangerine

Fuck bumpin', liet's get it jumpin', like a trampoline

Damn, his tramp is mean, I want head for sure

Then I looked down, mami need a pedicure

Yeah your feet dun, I told her "Please hun"

I been gettin' money since Each One, Teach One

And this rap, singer, crack-slinger, Mac-blinker

Yak-linger, look at the pinky ring on that finger

Yeah, yeah, this is how you get rich

Yeah, yeah, this is how you get rich

Yeah, yeah, this is how you get rich

Bitch, bitch, bitch

Killa, Killa

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