Cam'Ron - Got It For Cheap lyrics

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. Skitzo)</B></FONT><BR><BR>

<i>[VERSE 1]</i><br>

We hit too many left turns to make it right<br>

My black fist and the peace sign now say goodnite<br>

But Ima stay the fight laser light with you're a.m. like<br>

Here's an order Black be the quarterback take a hike<br>

Hut one, hut two, hut three <br>

Your family ? calico eighty one to your chest<br>

Randy moss<br>

How much the candy cost?<br>

Then im explainin to folks <br>

Its terrific but be specific<br>

The ? the coke<br>

I refrain from the hoax<br>

Lame, This game is a joke <br>

But hit the hotline got mine then ranged to the rove<br>

I move the work from New York to New England<br>

New Hampshire, New London, New Jersey, New Zealand<br>

Hop out like who dealin'? who slingin? <br>

(Rick?) lookin' like who wheelin? Who blingin? <br>

Then I handle weed and tell em <br>


they got the work <br>

if it don't work <br>

your money back, guaranteed. <br>

But I guarantee money with your money you'll be ??<br>

Fuck it up? A disaster B casualties actually<br>

But I move casually <br>

Not a judge but call me your honorable<br>

Go head and vomit fool, bar none bombable<br>

We beef like a farmer do <br>

My jewelry is a carnival <br>

Heard my goddamn chain, its like a ferris wheel <br>

You fuckin with sosa, you won't find a better deal<br>



Willy wack, who you wit <br>

Get your gat, hit a lick<br>

Flip a pack, flip a brick, man<br>

Louie hat, louie kicks <br>

Till we strap in the mix<br>

Mooey move back doors <br>

And we got it for cheap!<br>

Yeah we got it for cheap!<br>

Yeah we got it for cheap!<br>

Man we got it for cheap!<br>

Man we got it for cheap!<br>

Man we got it for cheap<br>

We got it for cheap!<br>

We got it for cheap!<br>


<i>[VERSE 2]</i><br>

I sold guns and the rock <br>

Filled the ? to the top<br>

40th nigga <br>

Smoke a blunt with Barack <br>

Put your heart in your stomach<br>

Your lungs in your socks<br>

Your girl in my bed <br>

Your son on my block<br>

Yeah, they stole my style<br>

But this the judgement<br>

Welcome to the wild life<br>

"Damn you got a foul wife"<br>

I picked her up from karaoke and pilate class<br>

She like to deepthroat, me I call it lolligag<br>

Y'all niggas call me fags<br>

Not a body cast, a body bag<br>

Fuckers I'll leave his whole body tagged<br>

Primo give me bricks <br>

I get poppy cash<br>

?? licks<br>

he'll let the shotty blast<br>

At nine years old yall was watchin ? troops<br>

Me the only fifth grader with the ?? suit<br>

Twenty years later, bitch is ?? gucc shoes<br>

For a months rent, a fly purse, and some new boots<br>

You out the loop lou<br>

Me I'm in the crew coupe<br>

Truck ?? same color as dove soap<br>

Niggas needin' favors<br>

Believe im major<br>

Straight out the hood <br>

But you should see my neighbors<br>

You say a hundred dollars<br>

He say a piece of paper<br>

Yeah we all own our cars<br>

You still leain' hater?<br>


<i>[CHORUS Repeats 2X]</i><br>



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