Cam'Ron - Glory lyrics

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[Cam'ron] I'm here now! Ha! Ha! I'm here now! They should have never let me in the muthafuckin game b! They done fucked up lettin me in Un They done did it to themselves man! Eh yo you see him Cam in the BM Wit the Koreans To G 'em Wit land in Korea Take the leer jet flight When? Thursday night Overseas No fuck up is worth they life Huh you niggas heard me right Uggh for that persian white I go to church of christ Search a life Enough to cut a nigga from his merchandise My niggas ball for weight Sprinkle ten grams of coke on their corn flakes To make em frosted flakes Oh, these jewels on my neck You say are out of sight My shit cost a cake You think you can afford a date I thought I'll let you know That my crew We intend to blow Treat you cats like Martin Lawrence And muthafuckin end your show When I say no What don't you understand the N or O Like that nigga Jigga said Yo, you either friend or foe So respect my wish I'm a perfectionist And wit the gun Is the only time a nigga plays catch or kiss Check the kid How many necks I twist Who expected this Exodus Flow over night Or even sex a bitch But I can get her Anytime I hit her off On my dick so bad I need Cochran to get her off Ask my nigga Digga Or my other nigga Mr. Ross I pray you get across To make it that you get across And, chumps like you Get mad and wanna holler rape But you live in the burbs' Your business is on the holidays Chorus [Noreaga] Now where my up north niggas at Wha What! Now where my down south niggas at Wha What! Now where my east side niggas at Wha What! Now where my west side niggas at Wha What! Now where my Harlem World niggas at Wha What! Now where my Iraq niggas at Wha What! Now where my N.O.R niggas at Wha What! Now where my Cam'ron niggas at Wha What! [Cam'ron] Eh, yo I just wanna walk wit ya'll I don't wanna rhyme I just need to talk wit ya'll How ya'll feel about me Yo, I think I'm pretty hot Cause when I rhyme Niggas grab they dick and diddy bop Then pull they skully down And put their ice grill on Like they don't trust a nigga And walk around the club Like they bout to crush a nigga I get a nigga mad enough to when he snuff a nigga No need to boast Yo, I fuck around and bust a nigga You got to love a nigga The way I rhyme what Cause out west they fuckin throwin gang signs up Wildin all out and not carin where they wind up Next day same ice grill along the lineup Ya'll niggas' time up No mean to trouble you I'll snatch your kids quicker than B.C.W What you mad about? I see alot of types of drawers I got alot of hoes But I'm really, really liking yours Not to nag her Wonder if I can bag her It ain't if I can have her It's how I'm gonna have her I'm a lay her like a quarterback On her back On the mat Found out that you wanna act We ran through her You want her back? Come on wit that You trick a hoe But when the bitch leaves You fuck around and miss the hoe Oh, I'm the type to kiss the hoe and diss the hoe Choke and threaten the killer Like her last name's Carlisimo Listen yo Trick the hoe and get her doe That was pryor like Richard yo See I done been around the world See I met Puff and I no Mason But still the best nation Nigga is donation So let me hold somethin Yo, you can't change my livin This robbery's a holiday Call it Thanksforgivin' Cause you a turkey Talkin bout you sell weight Nigga you had soul mates I had sell mates But now I''ve been in the same three hummers For the same three summers And my dice game loves me and stays on the same three numbers. Chorus

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