Cam'Ron - Get It In Ohio lyrics

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Waddup, Midwest?<br>

THey forgot about the fourth coast<br>

Uh, it ain't nuttin though<br>

Waddup Arkansas, Minnesota, Kansas<br>

Kentucky, Missouri, everybody in the Lou'!<br>


<i>[Verse 1]</i><br>

Geah! (HOLLA!)<br>

Thinkin 'bout Guy Fisher <br>

Never met him, but goddamn that’s my nigga! (why?)<br>

I figure real estate, invested pie flipper <br>

Never snitch, me I’m in a bathrobe, fly slippers (high 80s')<br>

Left Chicago wit good money for five drops <br>

Westside, did the Southside like the White Sox (Waddup Stony Island?)<br>

Bamboo and Pulaski, K-town is contra (Westside)<br>

They’ll dearly depart ya, in front of MacArthur’s (Waddup Madison?)<br>

I’m the author for gangsters, tough guys <br>

Did the whole Ohio, but I start it off of Buckeye (dey know me!)<br>

Columbus to 'Natti, them towns I raped 'em (sure did) <br>

Few clowns was hatin (what?!), moved my pounds to Dayton (Let's go)<br>

And in Akron, my niggaz they would throw things <br>

Not King James, these were coke kings (Buck, waddup baby?)<br>

Ain't he actin grown, doggy you ain't back at home <br>

Then smack the {?}, wrapped in chrome, you better get a chaperone<br>


<i>[Chorus w/ ad-libs in background]</i><br>

If you know like I know, you should lie low <br>

Killa, I used to get it in Ohio <br>

Don’t forget the Chi though, guns are like a pyro <br>

You keep playin, you will look like a gyro<br>


<i>[Verse 2]</i><br>

Yo, ga'head and hate me hater <br>

'cause I’m flyer than a aviator? (Yes I am)<br>

Well, you’ll get SMACKED with the radiator<br>

And I get catered player - wanna talk? Maybe later <br>

Told her, her time was up, '88 her, Flavor Flaved her (Boyeeeee!)<br>

Need ya neck choked, rather your neck broke <br>

Ya dead broke, yet folks the jewels are like AIYYO!!<br>

And you’ll get yolked up, switchblade poked up <br>

Bitch-made since sixth grade, he need his rope cut (yes)<br>

Cowboy roped up, y’all boys sold what? <br>

Know what? The dope, crack, and coke is in the coat tucked (right here)<br>

Roll up, hold up, family, this a hold up! <br>

Get close up, soaked up, I’m KG, postup<br>

Hoe, slut, no love, turn beef to cold cuts <br>

Family gettin bread, well he about to get his loaf cut (in half)<br>

Y’all doped up, this game is sewed up <br>

Malcolm X tell the white bitch yo, I want my toes sucked<br>




<i>[Verse 3]</i><br>

Yo, I’d rather be judged by twelve, than carried by six<br>

My twelve and twelve - well, they carry my bricks <br>

and them twelve-twelve fiends, they’re married to sniff<br>

And the V12, that's on various trips <i>[laughing]</i><br>

Y’all make a brotha laugh, me I took another path <br>

Come into my habitat, hover crafts, bubble baths <br>

Duffle bags stuffed with cash, fell in love with math<br>

I got the green Benz, red Range, mustard Jag<br>

White coke, tan dope, black gun, trey deuce<br>

Silver bullets, purple piff, blue pills, Grey Goose<br>

Pull out the rat-tat-tat (what you say?)<br>

Duck duck, say goose <br>

Beige coupe, suede roofs, send him off to Jesus (Jesus)<br>

H-deuce, yea yea, piss off the state troops <br>

See me, then they don't, I disappear, say POOF!<br>

Play Zeus, homeboy get a replaced tooth <br>

Not pot, mean dust when a nigga say juice <br>

Killa! Killa..<br>





You know what it is, nigga - Harlem <br>

140th & Lennox, you faggot niggaz can suck a dick, fuck niggaz<br>

Everybody in the whole Midwest, Indiana<br>

Nebraska - Omaha, what's happenin?<br>

Err'body in Denver, Iowa, Illinois<br>

Chi-Town, Ohio, you know what it is<br>

I'll be home soon, Killa!<br>

Milwaukee, Wisconsin<br>

Waddup, Leche?<br>

Yo Happy, I'ma drop another package off<br>

Duke on that Westside of Chicago <i>[laughs]</i><br>

Waddup everybody in Columbus? <i>[fades]</i><br>



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