Cam'Ron - Diamonds And Pearls lyrics

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[Verse 1:]

Diamonds Weighed A Ton Of It

And I Didn't Pay For None Of It

Fuck All The Jewelers

And Whatever Become Of It

For Gazy Crazy

Never Bought From Donny

Just Stole From Jacob And Distorted Ivy

Gabriella's Cousin Got The Fake Stones

The Kind You Take Home

Come Back With Straight Chrome

Our Macks To Break Bones

You're Going Be Stretched

Macho From Ts

Said Fuck The Bs

In Miami Almost Hit Em Up For 3 Lefs

Had To Stop Them They Was Undercover Detecs

But I Be Fresh


We Fess

Air Ones Lead Step

All They Say Is He Reps



Diamonds And Pearls

Boys And Girls

I'll Give You The World

My Love Can Do Just All For You

My Love

[Verse 2:]

Yo I Flip That Purple Punch

Lunch Purple Pain

I'm The Prince

The Sole Prince

Of Purple Rein

But I'm Blasted Up

V 1 Acid Cut

Pink Diamond

Diamond Backs

I Ain't Fat

Bastard What

Pal Pass It Up

Pay With Plastic Bucks

Still Drink Plico Out Plastic Cups

Pardon The Aston Martin Fast As Fuck

The Partin Startin To Smash The Traffic Up

And My Furs Apply

That's Hers And I

Yeah I And Hers

Yeah Sir Curves And Thighs

It's The Birds And Guys

That Flip Birds And Pies

Any Sizzurp Wizzurp

Word I'm Fly


[Verse 3:]

Remember Best Out

They Were The Best Out

A Crew From Harlem

Wasn't Down Felt Left Out

Yeah Coupes I Wanted

Want Crews They Flaunted


Girls Jewels Tools

I Knew What I Wanted

Watched The Homie Shine

Then Was A Lonely Time

Boat Ride Bus Ride

Cant Go I'm Only Nine

Ten Years Later

I'm The One Sony Signed

Ten Mil Later

Damn You Watched Your Homie Grind

Cause I'm Past Chrome

Got That Passion

Paprika Hot Tamale Salt And Pepper Sads On

For Real I'm Something Else

Still An Underbelt

Let's Go To The District Steal Something Else


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