Cam'Ron - Curtis (50 Cent Diss) lyrics

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[Verse 1:]

The truck or the Lamb b, Cam be stuffed in some candy

This ain't a label CURTISSS, you fukkin with family

See my squad dun waited, right behind them bars that's gated

Hopped out the casket, bastard, reincarnated

Yep, so have a seat, this gon be a masterpiece

I had to beef, he look like a gorilla... with rabbit teeth

Bugs Monkey, act hard wit a crack god that mack broads?

That video ain't Queens, that's your backyard

CURTISSS, it's messin with your head bad,

You dead mad, but dag dad, security with red flags?

You bangin 5's, shootin rocks and signs my way?

Fine play, I keep it neutral but my family's 9-Trey

SUUWHOOP!, my a-alikes stayed to fight from day to night

When I smacked the Lighty Brothers....David...Mike

Believe me hoe, you can't G me though

Jimmy ain't the president... he the CEO

Zeek is the president, it's evident he'll cock and spray

Santana is the underboss, I sign off like Dr. Dre

I fukk with Zo Poun[?] too, Sa Pa Say[?]

Grab the Cotto Ma Cot, Zo Zo Rockaway[?]

I extended the clip, never be friends with you b1tch

Shouts to a real Queens dude, ya know, Kenneth McGriff

He ran from police, you run with police

You ain't from Southside, you bout to get your mouth wired

[Hook: x2]

CURTISSS!, rewind it DJ!

CURTISSS!, you ain't 50... 50 Cent's from BK!

CURTISSS!, yep... he deserve to be nervous!

CURTISSS!, damn... show some courtesy, Curtis!

[Verse 2:]

Aiyo, check the tale, girls break they neck and nails

Just for me to sex they tail but let's talk record sales

Juelz 800... Jim 400...

I cop more cribs, more cars, got more blunted

Yeah, I rocked the Roc, but stop it doc you copper top

My n1ggas... watch em ball!! Your dudes... I watch em flop!!

Yep, so beware dog I'm tryin to be clear

Banks bricked, Mobb bricked, Buck ain't been out for 3 years

Let me be fair, I hop up off of sweet Leers

Right to Lenox, ain't no sand, but I'm on my beach chair

These are not tales, and dog we not frail

You don't club in New York , you party out in Scottsdale

Ha, I can't be clowned, beef dog, god damn we down

And how you livin?!! You live in Tyson's hand me down

Plus you can't be found, I'll have you taped, gagged, and bound

Ask around, I never liked the circus, so I'll clap a clown

[Hook x2]

[Talking at the end:]

Aiyo man, thanks for all the shout outs for my dudes. You keep shoutin em and I love it baby! Them my brothers! I ain't hear you say Banks name in a minute. You talkin bout Koch the grave yard, but you just signed off for Prodigy to go there. Aiyo P....he a sucka!! Get away from that dude B! You ain't got no swag with buckteeth. You know how you ain't got no swag? Whoever let you sign off on them G-Unit tank tops is stupid just like your dumb azz! Them is brassiere tops! Whoever wore that outside is a azz n1gga. Stop calling my probation officer too, why you talking bout my probation?!! You tryin to get my locked up CURTIS?!! Aiyo really tryin to get me locked up?!! You said something about my probation on your song, next thing I know, my probation officer called me today saying he need to see me. Aiyo, if I go to jail, Curtis put me in jail!!! This is crazy....I gotta go report to probation next Thursday and I ain't supposed to report for 3 weeks!!!

I gotta go Thursday and he mentioned my probation. Aiyo, let me get off this mic now, cause I know how he get down....rat azz n1gga! That's true story, that's not even a joke... I'm dead serious.

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