Cam'Ron - C.F.W.U. lyrics

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Feat. Jim Jones, Hell Rell

(Verse: Cam'ron)

Yo, I had a dream high 6, said killah

Yo, killah, you put the real in rap

And a star, man a star, he be stealin' that

And those niggas uptown, we gon' be feelin' that

But with that deepshit shit, you gon' be feelin' that

Fuck the schools, jumped in and pushed the ceiling back

And if it tires like the orange, I was peelin' that

Pardon my absence, I was spendin' too much time

In the Aspens, killin' 'em off with ass spray

I ain't talkin' snoops when I say skeet up

And this movie money got me with my feet up

Percentage do come in, I should name it the re-up

We up, TV-e, no-one can defeat me

Shawn, that nigga money made

The weather don't matter, I fly to a sunny day

I backed out fact, man, who wanna come and play?

You ain't got to run away, british, go put the gun yo waist

(Verse: Jim Jones)

I'm gone, I smoke spliff, sold my lungs

Just lookin' in the fons with more clicks than saloons

Cool shit, wasteline, full clip them off

Finish with the judges, with tha' bullshit they on

We started gifts with a train, dealt with part of the team

In 98' killa went platinum, then broke jaws for the team

Them big stupid old mansions, ain't nuttin' change but the mansions

I'm still in the cut with a bad bitch lettin' that champagne spill while I'm dancing

The all by just text me, said the Lord's always gon' bless me

I pray you, I got the gun on me, if a nigga eva try to scratch me

I still kill for killas, make one call for my dealer

In a hall of war, in the summertime we still do four wheelers

Rich proter, brick orders one nigga won six quarters

Still fuck on that white girl but I'm gettin' money with that bitch daughter (hey, molly)

Brenda had a baby, when I had Mercedes

I'm a serial killa, just might stab yo lady

(Verse: Hell Rell)

Cam certified me on day one, I shot a nigga on day two

Bought a Benz on day three, see why these niggas hatin' me?

I'm mr. Rooga, I'm still as the shooter, baby

We both got a Mac, but he's a computer

Got yo shit in the stupor, put yo bitch in the rooba

She came back with a ten, I sent her back to her man

He lookin' for me in the club, I'm in the back bustin' champ'

30 wracks in my hair, clap you and yo man

Bitch, spread the word, go tell 'em we dippin' again

Shout out to Plugs, no name, but he settlin' in

Ride around, drop Rarri, colors cinnamon temps

Shootah got Glock, nigga sneeze and the nigga abyss

Every time I pull up I look like a brick-a cooker

Yo BM in my DM talkin' bout when we gon' hook up

Somebody slipped her a pill, she on the bad back

Straight shotta, killa hunt niggas like a Mad Max


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