Cam'Ron - Can't Help You lyrics

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ft. Vado

Let me apologize in advance

I’m sorry for this shit I’ll be talking

I just can’t seem to make it wrong now

So I leave that to the professionals

I’ve been trying to chill

But can’t tell me to stop this shit

Gangster, gangster

You know, what can I do

Sounds like you warming back up nigger

You ain’t V12

You know what time it is baby

Let’s go

Yo’ll was hopping I’d fall but I’m still rolling the ball

Fire me up in Harlem baby yeah I don’t need hole in the wall

Maybe shooting dice that and sniffing coke

Couple of cats dealing cards cracking still bitches smoke

Niggers playing chess place aside that shit I don’t gamble

Only on me I bet

I’m still gambling credit scams Africans and the B&H’s backing nigger’s hostelling

Why no staggering officer is and always with his badge still badgering blocks still battling

Feds ain’t fear caught tiny bump trafficking got him on his feet the they put him on his back again

And imagine it I’m fortunate about dope passionate so I move immaculate cause I like extravagance

Chandeliers caviar call me arrogant moving like Pinot noir you know I’m not having it

My flow dirty my feet clean

My dope dirty my brick clean

She’s so dirty but this bitch means

She call me prime time Vanessa sixteen

Soon as I touch down wife’s start dancing

Kill to me more sports I’m Dion Sanders

Must be the money while I’m fronting and pose for the cameras

Pretty women doing blow see me with the hammer

Blame me talk shit I move corporate

Flee show me the way that’s why I’m calling you Morpheus

White bottles at your wake leave the sauciness

Panoramic roof Panamera be the Porsche in it

Get your chrome hit the road around six a clock

In the morning still the only way to pick the drop

Put the nozzle on his toe when I make a shot

Birds got him itching everywhere call it chicken pops.

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Monday 19th of December 2011 11:20
Killa and Slime join forces over a dope araabMUZIK beat for track no.8. The song is called "Can't Help You" and it's taken from "Boss Of All Bosses 3". The mixtape is available on iTunes now.