A quote by Henry Miller stated, "One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things."

However unpredictable life may be, Callalily entered a pond aspiring to be a big fish but still remained unperturbed and ready for battle. Thus inspired the title of their debut album "Destination XYZ."

Callalily (pronounced as Cala-lily) is actually a new pop alternative band. Composed of Kean Cipriano, 18 on vocals; Aaron Paul Ricafrente, 19 on bass; Tatsi Jamnaque, 18 on guitars; Alden Acosta, 17 on guitars and Lemuel Belaro, 19 on drums, these guys are new additions to the energetic band scene that blossomed after a couple of years in doldrums.

The band got its start when Kean met Tatsi in highschool and became bandmates.

No, they didn't get their name from a flower. Kean and Tatsi joined a Battle of the Bands search in Pateros but their band has yet to have a name. Satisfying his hunger with bread in a bakery after a rehearsal, Kean liked the bread so much he asked the vendor of its name. "Callalily," he was told and the rest as we say is history. It was only later that they came to know its true meaning.

When they entered college (Kean as music major at UST and Tatsi as nursing student at FEU), luck started knocking on their door when Tatsi closed a gig at popular bar Mayric's. However, there was only Kean and Tatsi at that time. To fill in the void, Kean got his college friend Aaron as bassist. Alden and Lemuel (also UST music students) were taken in as guitarist and drummer respectively through an audition.

Their first gig at Mayric's elicited early admiration from a few people.

"It was weird because during our first gig, somebody asked to have a photo with us when in fact we were virtual unknowns," Kean said.

Little did they know that it will be the shape of things to come. Band manager Darwin Hernandez took notice of the band when they performed alongside 6cyclemind during an event. He immediately got Callalily to his fold. Soon more gigs followed.

But the biggest break came when Sony BMG signed Callalily.

"It is like an impossible dream for us," Kean said. "We thought it only happens in movies."

The result-- "Destination XYZ," an album described as pop alternative with a touch of rock, speaks of their personal experiences, love, friendship and emotions wanting to be expressed. Produced by 6cyclemind guitarist Rye Sarmiento, it boasts of songs written by the members themselves topbilled by "Stars," a single written by Lemuel about love lost. The single recently peaked at #1 on MYX. Likewise, he penned "Magbalik," and "Pasan," an adaptation of "Footprints in the Sand." Kean contributed "Kung Kaya Ko Lang," "Sanctuary," "Cool Off," "Yakap" and "Take My Hand," the single he dedicated to depressed persons. The girl that broke Alden's heart became his inspiration to write "The Final Song" and "Insane." Other noteworthy tracks are "Takipsilim" and "Dream" by Sarmiento and their manager.

What's next for Callalily? We never know. Though uncertain as XYZ, they do believe it and see it as a new way of seeing things like a soldier ready for a battle.

"Destination XYZ" is now out in record stores nationwide under Sony BMG Music Entertainment and is presented in cooperation with PLDT Budget Card, Sony Ericsson, Campus Radio 97.1 WLSFM, Metro Bar and Branded. Get a free Callalily dog tag for every purchase at any Odyssey and O Music Stores.

by Mark Bonifacio
August 29, 2006