Cabaret - It Couldn't Please Me More

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[FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER (spoken)] Herr Schultz. Can I beleive what I see? But this is too much to accept. It's so rare... so costly... so luxurious... If you brought me diamonds, If you brought me pearls, If you brought me roses Like some other gents Might bring to other girls, It couldn't please me more Than the gift I see; A pineapple for me. [SCHULTZ] If in your emotion You begin to sway Went to get some air Or grabbed a chair To keep from fainting dead away, It couldn't please me more Than to see you cling To the pineapple I bring. [BOTH] Ah... [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER] I can hear Hawaiian breezes blow [BOTH] Ah... [SCHULTZ] It's from California [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER] Even so. How am I to thank you? [SCHULTZ] Kindly let it pass, [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER] Would you like a slice? [SCHULTZ] That might be nice, But frankly, it would give me gas. [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER] Then we shall leave it here, Not ot eat, but see: [BOTH] A pineapple... [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER] For me. [SCHULTZ] From me. [BOTH] Ah... [dance] [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER (spoken)] But you must not bring me any more pineapples. Do you hear? It is not proper. It is a gift a young man would bring to his lady-love. it makes me blush. [SCHULTZ (spoken)] But there is no-one... no-one in all of Berlin who is more deserving. If I could, I would fill your entire room with pineapples! A pineapples For you, [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER] From you. [BOTH (with Emcee)] Ah... Ah... [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER (spoken)] I think I will lie down for a few moments. My head is spinning! [SCHULTZ] Fraulein Schneider... good evening. [FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER] Good evening, Herr Schultz. (Opens her bedroom door, turns to Schultz.) I am... overwhelmed! (She goes in and closes the door.)

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