BRYAN ADAMS - If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good

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She got a nasty reputation and a talent for sin

She's the kinda trouble i'd like to be in

I wanna be a lover - I wanna be a slave

But she's the kinda women makes me wanna misbehave

So give it what you want boy - let's make it understood

That if ya wanna be bad ya gotta be good

She says there'll be no lying - no foolin' around

No seven day weekends -

no nights on the town

Well that's the way I wast it -

that's the way it's gotta be

If you're looking for trouble better get it from me

So get on your knees boy and do what you should

If ya wanna be bad ya gotta be good

No she makes the laws -

she calls the shots

Do what she wants if you want what she's got

Can't have it both ways - you gotta chose

She can give you the rhythm or she can give you the blues

Oh, if you want sugar better bring it on home

Better keep it in the kitchen cuz that's where it belongs

You gotta make her happy boy

Just take it from me

Or you'll never get none of that tlc

If you're tryin' to get lucky

- better knock on wood

If ya wanna be bad ya gotta be good

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