Britney Spears

Britney Spears - My Baby

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Tiny hands.<br>

Yes, that's you.<br>

And all you show,<br>

It's simply true.<br>

I smell your breathe,<br>

it makes me cry.<br>

I wonder how,<br>

I've lived my life.<br>



Cause without you,<br>

How did I get through,<br>

All of my days,<br>

Without you?<br>

Now living with you,<br>

See everything's true,<br>

My baby, it's you.<br>

My baby.<br>

My baby,<br>

My baby.<br>


With no words at all,<br>

So tiny and small.<br>

In love I fall,<br>

So deep.<br>

So deep.<br>


My precious love,<br>

Sent from above.<br>

My baby boo,<br>

God I thank you.<br>

God I thank you.<br>


<i>[Chorus 2x]</i><br>


<i>[Thanks to marlo for these lyrics]</i><br>


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