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Praising right out of the blue<br>And I felt got the reasons why<br>Why I went away<br>Funny how u open that door<br>And asked me walks in<br>The only think that I know for sure<br>Exactly how long has been<br><br>[1] - cause baby has been so long<br>Since I had u here with me<br>Baby is been so long<br>Baby come to me<br><br>Do you ever think of us<br>And the way it used to be<br>Day and night all over ur touch<br>Of the things u do to me<br>They say is just like writing a pad<br>Something's u never forget<br>U know all the things that I'd like<br>Lets see how much harder it gets<br><br>[repeat 1]<br><br>They playin my song<br>It might be wrong<br>I hope that this night don't end<br>It might be right<br>Right here tonight<br>What do u say, can u stay<br><br>[repeat 1]<br>[repeat 1]

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