Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen - Wrong About Me

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From my humble beginning

To our bitter end

You were the one who was pretending

That I was your orphan

In a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn I found a new place to dwell

I tore up my ticket to Tennessee and checked out of the Hollywood hotel

You can call me a turncoat

Challenge my dignity

But you were wrong about me

You were wrong, all along, about me

Take of your plastic halo

But don’t shun the monks inside your head

Give it to the gullible grooms

Who drink their snake oil beside your bed

In your conjured up courtroom my integrity is on trial

The prosecution is gathering evidence from denial

You can preach to the choir

Say that I’m guilty


Go tell all your friends

Tell the boys back home about it

Tell your nurses and nuns about it

Tell all your cats about it

You were wrong you were wrong…….

Stubborn cowboys click their bootheels

They’re all settling their debts

I’m not making any mor deals

I ain’t placing no more bets

Downtown on wall street where the millionaires smoke their cigars

I traded all my savings for a new suit and an electric guitar

You could say that I sold out

But nobody works for free


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