Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen - Who Do You Think You Are?

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Where are all my old friends? It’s been a long time gone

We’ve been drifting apart for so many years I hope they’re still marching on

Some are probably happy with families, working hard to get ahead

Some of them are lost, some are wandering, and some of them are already dead

Who do you think you are? It’s the life you made

Don’t be afraid, of the hands you played

There’s an old man sleeping in a parking lot. I wonder what he dreams about

Businessmen in suits taking meetings over coffee trying to buy each other out

There’s an officer, a senator, a digger and a sewer, a beggar and a thief

They all sit at different tables but they drink the same poison as me


The power went our, and the stars came out and I went out for a walk in the dark

There were fireflies flitting and I heard poets spitting rhymes out in the park

I felt myself drift up off the ground & I rose above the trees

And I saw my life in photographs of faded memories


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