BON JOVI - We Don’t Run lyrics

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Take a look around u, yeah, the sky is fallin'

Sinners say ur prayers this train is off the tracks

Nothin' is foreva when tomorrow's callin'

Dancin' with the devil to get one day back


I'm not afraid of burnin' bridges

Cos' I know they're gonna light my way

Like a Phoenix, from the ashes

Welcome to the future it's a new day!


We don't run! I'm standin' my ground

We don't run! And we don't back down

There's fire in the sky

There's thunder on the mountains

Bless each tear and this dirt I was born in

We don't run! We don't run.

(Verse 2)

Take me to the banks of ur muddy water

Where the flesh and blood and the spirit meet

Only takes ur touch for me to find salvation

You're the only reason that I still believe


(Chorus x2)

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