BON JOVI - We All Fall Down lyrics

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Don't be afraid to lose your way

Take that step, don't hesitate

Your time is now, aha

Don't be afraid to scrape your needs

Only straits of shattered dreams

Stand up and be proud, aha

I'm telling you now, yeah


Climb every mountain, how high, doesn't matter

Don't ever be afraid to fall

Walk out on that wire, climb every latter

Keep your back against the wall

And don't be scared to hit the ground

Cause we all fall down

(Verse 2)

Down on your luck, you're feeling small

The little things, you're ten feet tall

Watch your dreams fall apart as it seems

You wanna scream and shout out loud

When you sit up, they'll knock you down

You're a long way from home, aha

But you're never alone, yeah



If love did it in your touch (?!)

Worth living enter mouth (?!)

We're trying to fit in, try a lot

To take it out

(Guitar solo)


Life doesn't wait, don't hesitate

Don't lose your faith, it's judgement day

And I'm calling you out, I'm calling you now


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