BON JOVI - Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning lyrics

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I was livin' my life like a long-lost weekend

Neva felt nothin', jumpin' right into deep end

I wasn't missin' nothin' that was eva worth gettin'

Neva hung around enough to regret it

U came walkin' in late but just in time

U ended my excuses with a ten-cent rhyme

Ur shoes and attitude were stacked way up high

I knew right then u were the story of my life.


Saturday nights gave me Sunday mornings

Opened my eyes now it's a new day dawnin'

Think I might have pushed my luck a time or two

Everythin' about us is what gets me through

I neva thought I'd hear the church bells ringin'

I neva learned the song this heart was singin'

No regrets I took that step and I'm still fallin'

Saturday nights gave me Sunday mornings, yeah

(Verse 2)

When you're drivin' down a street that's only goin' one way

When every day starts feelin' like a month of Mondays

U should know I still got somethin' left to prove

I know what it takes to get back to u



Remember those nights starin' out at the lights

Makin' time with our feet in the sand

Makin' up words to our favorite songs

Laughin' loud with those drinks in our hands

And as that boy put his head on her shoulder

She pulled him tight to get a bit closer

And as the world just disappeared

U whispered in my ear


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