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da poetry, by now you should know it's me, the brother of word

giving thanks and praises to so many names and faces

in different places

from '84 to '99, it's been a very long time

since the movement called hip hop arrived to this cold country of mine

seen the old, the new, and now the true skool

and for once I can say, something has changed

or is it just me? in the place to be


am I about to take it in my face?

question... where were you at the time of tha fat shoelaces

when the hell was really raised

huh, I know every face.. writers, breakers, dj's, emcees, flygirls

representing, respecting unwritten laws

rules, star wars..

by even though, there's one thing I know, and it's been said before

eliminate the distance,

It's not where you're from, it's where you're at ..mentally..

da poetry.

nuff love, peace and respect. come correct

you gotta pay your dues, if you got something to prove

it is a competition, 'coz the business side can't see the mission

a.k.a the b-boy vision(/wisdom)

2000 and still counting...

(after the phone rings:)

Yo, it's S U C K S

and I gotta run but come for the bomfunk crew

so you'd better listen if you don't wanna be missing

the perfect combination on the mission to rock the dancefloor

to hit you right where it hurts

I'll leave you begging for more

like roger, but this is not a story of a rabbit

gismo and b.o.w just got a habit

of speeding up your heartbeat

holding you no doubt yo bomfunk mc's do it to the crowd

what up looking good catch me cooking food

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