Bomfunk MC's

Bomfunk MC's - In Stereo

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When I listen to my stereo,

All I hear is a funky flow

It really makes me loose control

Bomfunk MC's in stereo, in stereo, in stereo

But how right?

Cannot hide it, can't deny it

It's so obvious you hope to hide it

Like a pilot you get a mic

Boombox blasting like a siren

Raw, you're a mighty lion

Raw, when pumping the iron

Raw, one million strong

Raw, turn it up, come on!

But how right?

Star supremo, with the ill flow

Got you yearning, turning reckless

You don't understand but you still wanna check this

One to two, to two to one techniques

Bustin' the funk

Freakin' the funk

Eatin' the funk

Makin' it funk

Loving the funk

Fallin' to funk

Yeeah, so what's up punk?

But how right?

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