Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider - Side Show Tornado

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I got shattered heart membrane

I got hair on end

I'm a sea of strangers

I'm my only friend

I got bottom of the barrel

Empty bottle in my hand

I'm all eras baby

I'm an invisible man

Why'd you go

I got a million dollar headache

I got a thermal smile

I'm a sideshow tornado

I'll only stay for a while

I got a hole in my heart

I gotta get out of town

I'm a truckload of trouble

I'm not fucking around

Why'd you go

I got a drink special hairdo

I got a grandfather stare

I got a cop in my rearview

That I wish wasn't there

I got way too much free time

I've got nowhere to hide

The whole world's on fire

& I’m frozen inside

Why'd you go

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