Blackmore's Night

Blackmore's Night features talented musicians whose experiences span the globe and every aspect of the entertainment industry.

Sisters of the Moon, Lady Madeline and Lady Nancy have been singing since the age of three and writing and recording their own songs for over a decade. The sisters recently showcased their debut CD “Movin' On” live at Sam Goody’s. Having honed their singing talents by performing in talent shows, Elite Chamber Choirs, Jazz Ensembles and concerts, they are looking forward to contributing to the melodic sound of Blackmore’s Night.

Through the elegant chambers of Castle Lumley, Squire Malcolm found his way down to the dungeon. A minstrel band was rehearsing for a banquet taking place in the Barrons Hall later that evening. Driven by the hypnotic rhythms, soulful guitar, enchanting vocals, and haunting violin, he found himself compelled to express the rhythms he was feeling-and Squire Malcolm of Lumley joined Blackmore's Night as our new percussionist.

Blackmore's Night welcomes the very talented-multi-instrumentalist Sir Robert of Normandy. A virtuoso on bass, guitar and vocals, he was the first writer producer for "The Backstreet Boys". As the bass player and vocalist from Mink De Ville/ Willy De Ville, they headlined shows all over Europe and also opened for performers like Bob Dylan ,Santana, Van Morrison, etc... As well as playing in various clubs and discos throughout NYC, he also appeared with Cajun artist Zachary Richard. The movie "Grown-ups" currently in production, will feature Bob's songs. He recently wrote and produced a song for the band "Natural" working with executive producer Lou Pearlman and Clive Davis. (industry giants) The release date for will be Jan 2002. We are really pleased to have minstrel Sir Robert touring with Blackmore's Night.

It is with great pleasure that Blackmore's Night introduces to our fans - Lord Marnen of Wolfhurst. No stranger to the medieval Renaissance circuit this very talented violinist/multi - instrumentalist is truly a man of nature. It was his love of nature and "times of long ago" that created the passion in Lord Marnen for the music of the Renaissance composers. In the woods surrounded by nature he played to the forests, the sky, the soul of nature. And nature joined him in creating a magic spirit that runs through his music. Enchanted by the Blackmore's Night melodies and instrumentation he joined them in song with his violin, flute, recorder, vocals and the music created brought magic to the night. Everyone stopped to listen, tap their feet, and watched in awe as Lord Marnen's hypnotic spell was cast through his music.